Data Center
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  • Finance
  • Semiconductor
  • Control Gear
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Transportation

Recently, data center trends to be large-scale and super large-scale but traditional lead-acid battery for UPS has such disadvantages like big space occupation, complicated operation and maintenance, high cost for replacement and difficult for expansion.

C&D high-rate series batteries provide you with various optimized solutions which could simplify operation and maintenance, reduce replacement costs , make it easy for expansion and reduce the overall cost of ownership. C&D is dedicated to solve “pain points” for end users and help customers to achieve green, intelligence and modularization.

Energy Storage
  • Energy Storage
  • New Energy
  • De-Peaking
  • Unstable Grid
  • Deep Cycle Mobility
  • Oil to Electricity

Energy storage is one of the most important solutions to achieve national strategy of “Double Carbon”and C&D’s lead-carbon battery as well as energy storage module are specially designed for the energy storage market. The positive electrode is designed with deep cycle technology for excellent PSoC and cyclic performance, meanwhicle Pb/Carbon Negative Electrode minimizes sulfating rate and ensure long-life cycle service. Also, lead-carbon batteries are intrinsic safety system without any potential security problem which is suitable for centralized application with large scale.

  • Semiconductor
  • Process Control
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Automobile Manufacture

From semiconductor to oil and gas, chemical to automobile manufacture, it is of great significance to be equipped with reliable and stable standby power for each core equipment or process control system. As final safe protective screen, C&D’s high-quality batteries provide critical power in built-in production centers as well as pipeline processing plants.

Energy & Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Building
  • Science and Education
  • Medical and Health
  • Postal

Mission-critical applications of energy and infrastructure require reliable battery and related system to ensure untirruptible power supply. C&D’s high-quality batteries could offer critical backup power in rail transit, power industry as well as various kinds of buildings.

Electric Vehicle
  • Electrical Vehicle

Designed for electric vehicle applications, C&D’s electric vehicle batteries has long life service and strong reliability. Meanwhile, built on proven deep cycle expertise, C&D’s Nano-Carbon Enhanced Technology allows for PSoC and eliminates concerns of undercharging and sulfation.

  • Wireline
  • Wireless
  • Customer Premise/ PBX
  • Broadband
  • Microwave Repeater
  • Fiber Optic Regen Sites

C&D has been a leader in innovation and new technologies for telecommunication application for many years. Partnering with multiple service providers, C&D supplied the reserve power needed to keep up with emerging technologies from emergency centers to wireless sites, cable TV distribution and even remote communications sites. C&D has been able to support the telecom world with a wide range of products to fit each unique application.

  • Nuclear Power Plants

C&D’s premium quality batteries have been designed, tested and qualified for Nuclear Class 1-E applications. These batteries are the most desired batteries for installation of nuclear power plants. C&D has empowered about 70% of the North American nuclear power plants with dependable power solutions for over 40 years.