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C&D Trojan is dedicated to becustomers’ long-term partner and build its customer service system as areassuring turn-key project, satisfying the requirements anddemands throughout the whole battery life from pre-sales service toinstallation and system tuning, operation and maintenance to after-salesservice as well as battery recycling and anti-counterfeiting check.

Pre-sales Support
  • Site Investigation
  • Review and Reply for Bid Documents
  • Battery Sizing
  • Battery Sizing
  • Floor plans and system drawings
  • System size and design
  • Customer Seminar
  • Product Supply
  • Product Supply
Installation & Tuning
C&D Trojan was equipped with 2 sets of 250kW Bitrorde Test Instruments in 2013 and 2018 to better serve the global Data Center customer,which could simulate the real circumstances of UPS in Data Center.
  • Standard Factory Inspection
  • System Tuning
  • Discharge test of Grouped Batteries
  • Discharge Test with Dummy Load at Field
  • Standard Packing
  • Bitrode test of Grouped Batteries
  • Installation Instructions (rack / battery / system protection)
Operation & Maintenance
Regular Inspection
  • Environment and temperature of battery room
  • Battery appearance
  • Floating charge
  • Charger / rectifier
  • Open circuit
  • Resistance / conductivity / impedance test
  • Battery rack / cabinet
  • Grounding
  • Capacity Test
  • Cable connection
  • Refreshing charge
Battery Replacement
After-sales Service
  • 7 * 24-hour Hotline
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Fault analysis and Report
  • Warranty Service
  • Emergency Management
  • Technology Training
There is large amount of toxic and hazardous substances in the wasted lead-acid battery, and it will be harmful and cause great damage to environment and human health. According to national laws, all wasted lead-acid battery must be recycled . Here C&D Trojan could provide convenient battery recycling system nationwide and supply right recycling service for customers.
Anti-counterfeiting Check
Fake products have various kinds of hidden troubles such as leaking, fire and so on. To defend the legitimate rights and interests of C&D Trojan users, we have always been cooperating with market regulators, public security and other relevant departments to fight against counterfeit infringing products in accordance with laws and regulations.