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The official JD flagship store of C&D Trojan has been launched!

Yes, your friend @C&D flagship store @Trojan flagship store is officially launched.

C&D Trojan self-operated flagship store in JD officially online!

Also marks that C&D Trojan will use JD e-commerce platform

Advantages of big data and marketing

Further develop network sales channels, explore the online market.

Friends can enter through the following methods to understand oh ~

C&D flagship store: It mainly focuses on industrial backup batteries, energy storage batteries and other systems and supporting solutions to meet different needs of data center, communication, energy and infrastructure, nuclear power, industry, new energy, energy storage and other applications.


TROJAN flagship store specializes in deep cycle power batteries for golf carts/sightseeing carts, aerial work platforms, floor washers, electric vehicles, heavy trucks, yachts and other applications.

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What is constant is excellent service,

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Let you "buy" happy, easy to use!

C&D Trojan is always at your service!