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C&D market exchange chongqing station is held ceremoniously

On conference, senior vice President and general manager of Asia Pacific region, Mr Noble Zhang  failure to attend for Shanghai epidemic, but attaches great importance to this activity, through remote video spoke enthusiastically, zhang always said he was authentic chongqing people, has been paying attention to the development of hometown and care, and introduce the company to partner Sean and super jun brand,Said in the background of east and West computing, chengdu-Chongqing area as one of the eight nodes, the data center will usher in great development, Xiendi Super Jun also has a greater opportunity to provide more products and services for Chengdu-Chongqing area through partners, and together with you to contribute to the development and construction of east and West computing project and hometown.

Later, Mr. Terry Zhang IDC business development director with "concentric with the force driving the future" as the theme to the guests introduced the C&D Trojan, said C&D Trojan is a reliable power supply solution experts and one-stop service partners, is willing to work with partners in the southwest of the concentric with force, drive the chengdu-chongqing area IDC, common development!

Mr. Ivan Yan west area manager should be on-site customer requirements, focusing on the battery product knowledge, as well as the factors affecting the service life of battery and measures, says  C&D inheriting one hundred battery manufacturing experience, static power supply products is rich, can satisfy the data center, communication, energy and infrastructure, nuclear power, industry, new energy, energy storage, such as the different needs of application,I hope that through the joint efforts of the guests here, together in the east and West calculation project shine brilliantly.

Raise the curtain of chongqing science and technology co., LTD., is the core of the C&D in chongqing area agents, is also a co-organiser of the meeting, general manager Mr Jiang Renhua finally published over the years working with C&D true feelings, also said C&D's long-term strategic partner, raise the curtain in the future also will continue to focus on C&D power, hand in hand with C&D to east west are engineering.

In 2022, C&D Trojan will continue to make product and service, with originality for each partner to provide more competitive, more close to the customer demand solutions, more high quality service, under the circumstances of digitalization, low carbon, together with partners contributing to promoting the development of green energy in the world for a long time adhere to and maximum power.