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Record the most beautiful C&D Trojan staffs under the epidemic in Shanghai

Shanghai in 2022,

By the sudden outbreak of the disease,

I hit the pause button, and the noise broke up,

The day-to-day rhythm of life is broken.

In the face of this epidemic,

We all do it our way,

Struggling to find balance and rhythm.

Our employees,

And in every corner of Shanghai,

Guard the lights of thousands of homes.

"Those who can work, those who can speak,

A heat, a light, like fireflies,

You can shine a little light in the dark without waiting for the torch."

In every corner that no one else looks at,

There must be a lot of warm things that people don't know about,

Once again, to everyone who has gone through this difficult time,

Silently guarding the years quiet good people salute!!